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Open ACU Logo

The open 'O' for the online software

Open ACU unified brand

A SAAS product I created in 2010 got a major update and deserved a re-brand in 2019. My partner and I settled on Open ACU. "ACU" is for acupuncture. The original product "POCA Point" had lived a good long life as far as web applicaitons go. It was originally created to give acupuncture patients an easy way to make an appointment. That became a schedule and customer manager. A health records platform was added but with the challenges of security and privacy it became a whole new product.

With Open ACU we integrated it all, and made it way more secure. One of the best parts of this PP/Open product has always been its ease of use. With more advanced web markup tools at our disposal we cleaned it up, plus made it much faster.

The open, brushed 'O' elicits the openness and traditions of eastern medicine. Water plays a part in iterating the same themes.

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